Mike Paradinas Unearths "Lost" µ-Ziq Album 'Challenge Me Foolish'

Mike Paradinas Unearths "Lost" µ-Ziq Album 'Challenge Me Foolish'


Mike Paradinas Unearths "Lost" µ-Ziq Album 'Challenge Me Foolish'

While we haven’t had a proper µ-Ziq LP in ages, IDM hero Mike Paradinas is once again brushing f a “lost album.”

The record is titled Challenge Me Foolish and was recorded circa 1998-1999 around the time Paradinas released Royal Astronomy for the now defunct Virgin imprint Hut, as well as when he was a regular on Björk’s tours. In fact, a press release goes on to describe Challenge Me Foolish as “something a companion to the Royal Astronomy record”

Challenge Me Foolish comes with 14 tracks and prominently features Japanese singer Kazumi, who appears on five songs.

A press release also adds the following:

It’s imbued with a confident sense pastoral colour, and a gentle optimism, utilizing bells, studied orchestral arrangements and airy synthesizers that sit the album somewhere between, Jean-Jacques Perrey (the French electronic composer whose whimsy was always balanced with serious innovation and chops) and the colourful, optimistic soundtracks Joe Hisaishi. There’s a strange sense the old and new throughout, the sentimental and utopia, with nary a hint darkness.

Planet Mu will release Challenge Me Foolish on April 13 on 2LP vinyl, CD and digitally. For now, you can hear the album track “Inclement” below the tracklist.

Challenge Me Foolish:

1. Inclement
2. Undone
3. Challenge Me Foolish (ft. Kazumi)
4. Bassbins
5. Robin Hood Gate
6. Perhaps
7. Durian (ft. Kazumi)
8. Ceiling
9. Lexicon (ft. Kazumi)
10. Perfame
11. Playbox
12. Sad Inlay (ft. Kazumi)
13. Peek Freans
14. DoDaDu (ft. Kazumi)