Michael Kay Releases “Paradise”

Michael Kay Releases “Paradise”


“Paradise” by Michael Kay is a unique vocal and musical experience for R&B lovers. This beautifully-crafted ballad combines elements of new wave with contemporary pop and soulful R&B. The jam has a smooth, steady thumping beat with original lyrics performed by the deep-voiced Michael Kay. The song is perfect for lounging, driving, or those romantic escapades with your significant other.

With a sound that is strikingly similar to Johnny Gill, Michael Kay has his own unique vibe that connects today’s urban contemporary sound with yesteryear’s ballads. As an ode to romantics and lovers, this single penetrates the mind, body, and soul with eternally feel-good vibes. The orchestration, music, and Kay’s incredible lyrics and range will make you want to play this song over and over!

The guitar riffs on the track have an old-school essence that brings me back to the days of Terrance Trent D’arby. Michael Kay combines a range of musical styles and genres in this captivating, compelling track that is enticing and engaging. If you love smooth, steady, and slow — yet vibrant R&B numbers, this one is undoubtedly it. Everything sounds great in this song from start to finish. I love the way the melody and lyrics seamlessly blend in with the wonderfully-created composition and musical background.

For a cool take on the R&B style, check out “Paradise” by Michael Kay by clicking the link below. I guarantee you will love his fantastic voice and how the entire song melts the heart and soul.