Michael Bloomberg Drops Out Of Democratic Race, Trump Clowns Him

Michael Bloomberg Drops Out Of Democratic Race, Trump Clowns Him


Michael Bloomberg has called it quits on his race to become the President of America and defeat Donald Trump. After getting his first win in American Samao and spending an estimated $500M on his campaign, he’s decided to pull out of the race; instead, endorsing his long-time friend Joe Biden.

Three months ago, I entered the race to defeat Donald Trump. Today, I’m leaving for the same reason. Defeating Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. It’s clear that is my friend and a great American, @JoeBiden,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m immensely proud of the campaign we ran. I’m deeply grateful to all the Americans who voted for me, and to our dedicated staff and volunteers. I want you to stay engaged, active, and committed to our issues. I will be right there with you. And together, we will get it done.”

Biden immediately returned thanked Bloomberg for the co-sign while praising Bloomberg’s “tireless work on everything from gun safety reform to climate change.”

Trump was instantly summoned at the mention of his name on Twitter, blasting “Mini Mike” for his endorsement of Biden and trying to run against him. “Mini Mike Bloomberg just “quit” the race for President. I could have told him long ago that he didn’t have what it takes, and he would have saved himself a billion dollars, the real cost. Now he will pour money into Sleepy Joe’s campaign, hoping to save face. It won’t work,” Trump tweeted.

Adding, “Mini Mike Bloomberg will now FIRE Tim O’Brien, and all of the fools and truly dumb people who got him into this MESS. This has been the worst, and most embarrassing, experience of his life…and now on to Sleepy Joe!”

With Sanders and Biden as the two likeliest candidates to go against Trump, we’ll see what the outcome will be.