Metro Boomin Says His Issues with Drake Are “Not Deep At All’

Metro Boomin Says His Issues with Drake Are “Not Deep At All’


One of the developments of 2023 that surprised fans the most is perceived issues between Drake and Metro Boomin. But Metro says it isn’t that deep at all.

During his year-end live stream a couple of weeks ago, Drizzy took shots at Metro Boomin by calling out the “tweet & deleters.” It was assumed by many that it was a stray aimed at Metro who had tweeted and deleted a critical view about Her Loss, Drake’s joint album with 21 Savage.

“Look at my eyes — you guys wanna do something? That’s what I thought,” Drizzy continued.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Metro responded to Drake later that day (Dec. 18) by reposting the “Whoa, Calm Down Jamal, Don’t Pull Out the 9” video. The video is a skit about Black people interacting with racist white people (who are played by Black people) on a basketball court.

But in a response to a fan on Saturday night (Dec. 30), the GRAMMY winning producer says that his beef with the Toronto superstar isn’t that deep at all. “are u and Drake seriously beefing or is it not that deep,” the fan asked to which Metro replied, “not deep at all lmao.”

We’re surely glad to know that and hope that we get to hear new music from the two next year.