Meek Mill Dubbed A Hypocrite By DJ Akademiks For Tweet About US Soldiers

Meek Mill Dubbed A Hypocrite By DJ Akademiks For Tweet About US Soldiers


When Meek Mill shouted out the soldiers who fight for the safety of the United States on a daily basis, he did so with good intentions in mind. With all the chatter about a potential World War III (which likely won’t happen) and the troubling reports concerning the USA and Iran, Meek Mill just wanted to send some positivity to the men and women defending us across borders. The Philadelphia artist and DJ Akademiks, a popular hip-hop commentator, have an interesting history. Previously, Meek has gone after the YouTuber for his continued support of Tekashi 6ix9ine. Now, the tables have turned and AK is the one criticizing Mill for his comments on the military.

Meek Mill compared the figurative “trenches” to the literal trenches used to hide out in war zones, noting that they’re very similar in that you never know when/if you’ll be attacked or lose your life. DJ Akademiks believes that, by sending that tweet out, Meek was being a self-fulfilling narcissist who contradicted himself another time.

“This is pretty much the most self-indulgent, narcissistic tweet you could probably have about this situation because, while we’re trying to give some light to the men and women who serve in our armed forces, Meek Mill had to say that being in the streets is like being at war,” said DJ Akademiks in a new video. AK goes on to say that much of what goes on in the streets is done through crime, noting that US soldiers donate their lives away from their families to protect us all instead. He also speaks on Meek’s dedication to prison reform, suggesting that the man is a hypocrite for some of his comments.

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