Meek Mill Disses Trippie Redd: “F**k This Guy Right Here”

Meek Mill Disses Trippie Redd: “F**k This Guy Right Here”


Something that Trippie Redd has done has pissed off Meek Mill clearly.

A lot of times, the things that Meek writes on social media are not very clear and need some extra lenses to make out what exactly he is meaning to convey. But it’s pretty clear that he is dissing Trippie here. “if you f*ck with me, f*ck this guy right here,” the Philly rapper wrote over a picture of Trippie.

“I ain’t even know you took my name I seen you got pulled in a room by the gangstas in LA you was scared but let’s see how tough y’all guys are!” he continued in the the same text.

Elsewhere in the caption, he said, “@trippieredd no good out here! Sayless I ain’t know you was comfy enough to say my name I can’t wait to see you …yall getting too high “TRIPPIE REDD NO GOOD OUT HERE” don’t ask why!!! I think yall scared of jail and death but let’s see lol “ let’s make you niggas show up from the streets to jail … yall in the way off too much money! It’s getting too much anyway. DO NOT CALL ME OR TEXT ME IF YOU AINT CALL WHEN PEOPLE SPEAK ON ME! That’s is all @trippieredd I wanna look in your eyes youngbull lol and now ima sign niggas I was trying to help the hood yall really let these nighas lose these mind.”

He later took down the post and did another one in place of that but we have a screenshot for you above. Check out the new post below.

Last week, he stopped by Funk Flex show on Hot 97 for a freestyle to promote his latest album Too Good to Be True with Rick Ross.