Maxwell Launches Exclusive Sunglasses Collection With STATE Optical Co.

Maxwell Launches Exclusive Sunglasses Collection With STATE Optical Co.


Grammy-winning singer Maxwell has partnered with STATE Optical Co. to launch a limited-edition sunglass style named REUNION. It shares the same title as the song on the R&B balladeer’s debut album, Urban Hang Suite, which turns 25 in April.

“I called the first pair REUNION because the world has been divided in so many ways… digital, geopolitical, gender discrimination, you name it, it’s happening, and it has to stop,” Maxwell explained in a statement. “REUNION is a promise, if not a guarantee, that we can come back together as the closing of the song clearly says ‘we’re back together.’”

Given the pandemic, the creative process of Maxwell and STATE Optical Co. collaboration required Zoom meetings, text messages and phone calls. “We wanted to make something classic and timeless connected to songs I have written,” Maxwell added about the vision for his exclusive collection.

The stylish sunglasses, available in a sultry blue smoke and a sandblasted matte black, arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day. The price of the glasses is $375. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Vision Council’s Open Your Eyes Scholarship (O-YES). The scholarship helps pay for tuition costs, an internship and mentorship to high school seniors who aspire to become opticians.

Maxwell’s REUNION shades are available now at