Mary J. Blige Vying for Best Original Song at 2021 Academy Awards

Mary J. Blige Vying for Best Original Song at 2021 Academy Awards


Patience is a virtue for Mary J. Blige, who was the first person in the history of the Academy Awards to score nominations for a performance, and an original song in the same year, for the same film (Mudbound). The undisputed Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is already prepping an acceptance speech for the 93rd annual Oscar ceremony for a new song that is attached to the upcoming Belly of the Beast documentary.

“See What You’ve Done” is the title of the yet-to-be-released song for the Erika Cohn-directed film about the enforced and illegal sterilization of Black and Latinx women at Central California Women’s Facility. The bass-heavy record, which can be partially heard in the film’s trailer, is co-written by DJ Camper and Nova Wav, and produced by the former. 

Blige, who was moved by the Belly of the Beast doc, told Variety she was compelled to get involved with the film because she wanted to help “amplify the voices of women in prison.” She described the music contribution as “a testimony, a call to be strong, and an anthem for a movement.”  

Belly of the Beast is slated to premiere on November 23 at 10 p.m. EST on PBS. 

The ruthless queenpin of Starz’s new series Power II Book: The Ghost also has more new music coming, particularly for one of her three albums. She recently shared with The Los Angeles Times that she plans to release her 14th studio album sometime “this fall or winter.”  

“It’s about life, love, struggle, but mostly triumph,” Blige explained about the context of her next album. “Because I’m learning how to rejoice in the valleys and the droughts.” 

On November 20, three days before the premiere of the documentary, Blige will reissue her Grammy-nominated sophomore album My Life. 

Watch the trailer for Belly of the Beast below.