Man Filmed Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap Girl From Subway Says She Asked For Help

Man Filmed Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap Girl From Subway Says She Asked For Help


Over the last few days, a disturbing video has gone viral showing an alleged kidnapping incident that took place on a New York City subway. In the video, a man later identified as Sonny Alloway, is seen sitting across from two sleeping passengers. A person records Alloway as he watches the two people, then he taps one of them on the foot to get their attention.

The verbal exchange between the two is difficult to decipher, but the resting passenger goes back to leaning on her friend. When the train stops and the doors open, Alloway suddenly gets up, grabs the girl, and runs onto the railway station. She screams for him to put her down and he does before she makes her way back onto the subway to tell everyone about what just happened. Alloway is seen sitting on a bench outside of the subway as if nothing happened.

Another video went viral showing Alloway getting beaten up by vigilantes who recognized him from the video. It’s reported that Alloway only lived blocks from the subway station he exited, for Bronx residents were quick to spot him. Because of the publicity, it’s reported that the New York Police Department arrested Alloway for unlawful imprisonment, but he was later released. Now, another video has surfaced of Alloway explaining why he grabbed the girl and ran.

According to Alloway, the girl is not a child but an adult, and she asked him for help because the man she was with was holding her hostage. Alloway said he told her to just get off the train but she said she couldn’t, so he took it upon himself to grab her and go. The alleged victim has not come forward. However, another video of Alloway came to light showing him singing about an underage girl who is “just so beautiful.” Check it all out below.