Mally Mall Sued For Allegedly Drugging & Raping Fitness Model: Report

Mally Mall Sued For Allegedly Drugging & Raping Fitness Model: Report


The strange cases set against Mally Mall continues. Last year, there were reports that the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and record producer was in trouble with the law. There were accusations that he’d participated in both human and exotic animal trafficking. In April 2019, a few of his exotic pets were reportedly seized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Mall was arrested.

Mally Mall would later deny all allegations against him, but he was sued for rape and sex trafficking. The rape case was reportedly dropped in May 2019, but then he faced charges regarding running a prostitution business in Las Vegas from 2002 to 2014. In the latter case, Mall pleaded guilty back in October 2019 and is said to be sentenced on January 21.

On Friday, TMZ reported that 26-year-old fitness model Quashay Davis has sued Mall for “sexual battery, false imprisonment, gender violence and infliction of emotional and physical distress.” According to the outlet, in January 2019, Quashay traveled from Dallas to Los Angeles to meet with Mall about expanding her fitness business. They met at his home where she was offered liquor and introduced to a former porn star named Jayla Foxx. Quashay alleges that she was drugged because she “blacked out” and “the next thing she remembered was waking up to a masseuse massaging her.”

Then, according to the court documents, Mall slapped Quashay to help her regain full consciousness before telling her “You’re my new bitch,” and “You’re my Jayla number two.” Quashay said she feared for her life when he “tried to get her to do cocaine, then forced her to perform oral sex on him — before roughly penetrating her.” 

The woman, who said Mall called her a “stupid dumb n****r,” claims that Mall admitted to drugging her with molly. Quashay said she floated in and out of consciousness for the remainder of the day and at one point she woke up and saw a number of random naked women “in a hypersexualized environment.” She alleges that she was able to leave Mall’s home the next day and immediately went to a doctor who saw that her “injuries were consistent with a rape.”

Mall’s representative issued a statement to TMZ on behalf of the producer: “This is a blatant attempt at extortion. There is absolutely no factual basis or merit in this case.”