Madonna Cancels Paris Dates Due to Coronavirus

Madonna Cancels Paris Dates Due to Coronavirus


The March 10 and 11 gigs in Paris have been called off.

Madonna‘s Madame X Tour has come to an abrupt halt due to new restrictions on public gatherings implemented in France amid the COVID-19 virus spread.

“Following official notification from the Office of the Police this morning prohibiting all events with an audience attendance of over 1000, Live Nation regrets to announce the final two Madame X performances previously re-scheduled to 10-March and 11-March are forced to be cancelled,” reads a note on Madonna’s site.

The 61-year-old singer previously canceled shows at Le Grand Rex on March 1 and March 7 as a result of “ongoing injuries,” the latest of a dozen gigs that have fallen by the wayside on the small-play, residency-style tour to date. The superstar announced March 1 that she was canceling that night’s show as a result of nagging injuries. “If only knees didn’t twist and cartilage didn’t tear and nothing hurt and tears never fell out of our eyes,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post explaining the cancellation to fans. “But alas they do.”

The two Paris dates were the last scheduled stops on the Madame X Tour.

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, in addition to financial markets tanking and Italy placing 16 million people on lockdown in the country’s northern region, dozens of major music festivals, tours and industry gatherings have been put on hold as health officials scramble to contain the novel coronavirus that has infected more than 105,000 people across the globe.

Among the major events put on ice: the SXSW Music, Film and Tech conference; Ultra Music Festival Abu Dhabi and Miami, Tomorrowland Winter in France; as well as tours and dates by Queen, Louis Tomlinson, Yungblud, Mariah Carey, Maluma, Green Day and BTS.