Lyrica Anderson Releases Single ‘Act A Fool’

Lyrica Anderson Releases Single ‘Act A Fool’


Singer/songwriter Lyrica Anderson has writing credits for some of the most well known artists in the industry today including Missy Elliot, Beyonce and Chris Brown as well as having three studio albums and four EPs in her own name and a Grammy award.

Her new single “Act the Fool”, taken from her forthcoming album “Bad Hair Day”, takes on a cheating lover and confronts him with his insistence on wanting to ‘act the fool’ in their relationship. In the song she displays her remarkable vocal talents with a sultry performance that also shows her vulnerability.

The single comes with a raunchy, NSFW, video which features Anderson arriving at her cheating lover’s place of work in a red leather coat and carrying a diamond encrusted baseball bat. After mistreating his co-workers in various ways, she makes her way to his office where she strips off the coat and is shown to be completely nude underneath. She then begins to unleash on her lover as she throws paper from his desk and destroys his computer all while his boss is watching dumbstruck. It is a brave move for anyone to appear naked in their video but Lyrica manages to carry it off with aplomb.

The remainder of the forthcoming album is said to contain songs about her life story including her struggles as an artist and a person, working through unstable relationships and dealing with motherhood. After the success of her single “Marriot” (and no doubt with this single) R&B Music Reviews thinks she is the must-hear contemporary R&B artist of the day. The single and album will be released through RIV Music.

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