Lupe Fiasco Launches Meme Bombardment After Slaughterhouse Rejection

Lupe Fiasco Launches Meme Bombardment After Slaughterhouse Rejection


Even if you’re an accomplished rapper like Lupe Fiasco, boasting a repertoire of classic records and aspirations to become the fourth member of Slaughterhouse, the harsh sting of rejection remains one of life’s biggest unpleasantries. Unfortunately for the Drogas Wave emcee, his request to replace Joe Budden as Slaughterhouse’s fourth member was met with a kind rejection from Royce Da 5’9″, who explained the reasoning behind the decision during a HipHopDX interview. 
 Lupe Fiasco Launches Meme Bombardment After Slaughterhouse Rejection

Maintaining that Slaughterhouse is more than just a gathering of lyrical elites, but rather an established dynamic, Royce made it clear that Lupe wasn’t lacking in his credentials. “He’s no group replacement guy. He’s great. He’s not just an emcee, he’s a master,” he breaks down. “It’s not just lyrically what makes Slaughterhouse click. It’s something about the dynamic of us four people. There’s even still things about that dynamic that people are drawn to that I still haven’t figured out and I’m one of the people who was instrumental in pushing for us to be a group.”

Unfortunately, the “it’s not you, it’s me” approach did little in letting Lupe down easy. Dreams shattered, Fiasco took to Twitter to fire off a bombardment of memes in response. Beginning with the classic “Crying Jordan,” Lupe eased in with a familiar face, asserting his tone to be firmly tongue in cheek. Next up came another crying gentleman, this one equipped with some accompanying wordplay. 

The bombardment continued. His attempts to appeal to Royce’s Shady sensibilities were blocked on the spot. He likened himself to Turtle — pre-glow-up Turtle at that –from Entourage, nursing a parting shot from a smug 50 Cent. To him, Royce was a matador and he the bull. Some fans even started developing animosity toward Nickle, prompting Lupe to nip that swiftly in the bud with a blast from the past. “I’m just clowning,” maintained Lupe.” Thats my brother & I respect him highly plus that n***a ALLEGEDLY has a bazooka. And n***s with even ALLEGED bazookas have historically commanded a higher level of STFU when they talkin.”

Check out the hilarious meme salvo below, and remember — sometimes one must lose themself in laughter, lest they drown themself in tears.