Love Keyys releases new album “I Could Be Dreaming”

Love Keyys releases new album “I Could Be Dreaming”


Album artwork “I Could Be Dreaming”

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Love Keyys has just released her highly anticipated sophomore album “I Could Be Dreaming” on Friday, June 3 2022. The album includes her powerful love song, “Life Worth Living” as part of the 11 track collection which explores themes of love gone bad. “I Could Be Dreaming” starts with the cinematic track “Never Thought” and concludes with the Neo-Soul track, “P.A.N.”

Love Keyys is a Cincinnati native, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, pianist, and model. The artist grew up in the inner city, constantly facing adversity and her determination, motivation and hard work towards her creative vision has clearly paid off with this latest project.

In this new album, Love Keyys combines emotive, intricate harmonies using her impressive vocal range to describe a beautiful love story with tragic overtones. The album was intended to be a musical memoir based on the singer’s recent relationship.

Love Keyys explains what inspired her to make this album:

“It’s sort of a Side A/Side B project. Heaven and hell, so to speak. The album begins with songs about what real love feels like – that true, strong, seemingly unbreakable love. But, then [the album] descends into the pain that derived from the relationship, and later ends with her healing process and growth. Love comes with a risk. We don’t always get our fairytale, and that’s okay. But, love is so amazing. Love is why life is worth living.”

The 11-track album was written entirely by Love Keyyz, which allowed her to be transparent, and keep the album authentic and heartfelt. Not only did she write the album, but she had a hand in the production of the album as well. She based her writing ideas around chord progressions that she composed on the piano. Love Keyyz enlisted her favorite and über-talented pianists Antoine Franklin and Jordan Jackson to add musical elements to the jams. Wasay Waqar produced two tracks, and mixed/mastered the entire album.

Sultry artist Love Keyys

Each track on this album is masterful. “I Could Be Dreaming” delivers upbeat 90s nostalgia, Pop vibes, catchy hooks, and so much more. It is a diverse R&B/Soul album that is full of sounds that showcase Love Keyyz’s musicianship and versatility.

The sultry artist kickstarted her career as early as 2010 when she began making YouTube videos that showcased her personality and raw singing talent. As Love Keyyz started gaining traction from the videos, she started writing her own music in 2012 and taught herself how to play piano.

Love Keyys playing keyboard

The Cinncinati-native moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to advance her career. Her discography focuses on love songs. Shortly after moving to LA, she released her most notable project, the EP “Naked.” The EP “Naked” was executively produced and written by the artist and it got a lot of attention in the R&B music scene – peaking at #59 on Apple Music’s R&B Top 200. This was a pretty impressive accomplishment for an artist with no formal marketing and no record label under her belt at that time.

After moving to LA, Love Keyys enrolled in music school and has now graduated with 4 certificates and two degrees in music. Studying with two of L.A.’s finest private instructors helped her cultivate her already tremendous sound, and with those skills, Love Keyyz created her newly released album, “I Could Be Dreaming.”

Love Keyys hot new project, “I Could Be Dreaming” is out now across all the usual streaming platforms. Get your copy and add this awesome collection to your playlists.

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