Lou Williams Reacts To Report About Kawhi Leonard’s LeBron Diss

Lou Williams Reacts To Report About Kawhi Leonard’s LeBron Diss


Stephen A. Smith is a man who is connected to numerous voices throughout the NBA. Sometimes, Smith comes to First Take with exclusive scoops on some of the happenings around the league. On Wednesday, that’s exactly what Stephen A. did as he revealed that Kawhi Leonard reportedly called LeBron James “soft” in the locker room. After defeating the Lakers on Christmas Day, the Clippers star reportedly told his teammates that LeBron should stop being scared to guard him. Considering Kawhi is such a quiet person, Smith’s report was immediately met with some skepticism.

One of Kawhi’s teammates, Lou Williams, also has some questions about Smith’s report. Yesterday, Williams took to Twitter where he subtly accused Smith of coming through with an inaccurate report. Williams went on to say “I just know I’ve never heard him say anything close to that about anybody. He just compete.”

If these were any other players than LeBron and Kawhi, not many people would bat an eye. The Lakers and the Clippers are the league’s biggest rivalry this season and fans are excited to see how it will all play out come playoff time. If the Clippers and Lakers were to meet in the Western Conference Finals, we would be in for a real treat.

The next time these two play, we’re sure LeBron will be playing with fire in his eyes.