Lord Jamar Says DaBaby’s Violent Ways Are Because He’s Moving On "Muscle Memory"

Lord Jamar Says DaBaby’s Violent Ways Are Because He’s Moving On "Muscle Memory"


As he’s currently hailed as one of the biggest rappers in the world at the moment, DaBaby has taken over airwaves while also getting himself in trouble with the law. Within the last few months, he’s found himself arrested, detained, or recorded in physical altercations. The Kirk rapper is much sought after in the entertainment industry, but he’s also developed a reputation that can be seen as unfavorable.

Lord Jamar Says DaBaby's Violent Ways Are Because He's Moving On "Muscle Memory"
Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

During a chat with VladTV, Lord Jamar and Vlad discussed DaBaby’s recent legal troubles. “What is it about DaBaby and beating the pants off of n*ggas?” Lord Jamar asked. Vlad mentioned that the promoter who claims he was assaulted by DaBaby had his pants pulled down. “Like why, when Baby put on somebody the pants just fall off? That’s a helluva punch this mtoherf*cka got.”

While Jamar was giving DaBaby props, Vlad was less impressed. “It almost seems like some prison sh*t to me,” Vlad added. “I guess just recently there was a situation when this valet was filming DaBaby and his daughter. He told him not to and kept doing it and there’s a video of him shoving the dude. And I’m like, yo, you can’t just keep doing this at the level you’re at.”

After going on a rant about why DaBaby can’t move the way he’s used to moving, Jamar tells Vlad that he may be asking too much of the rapper too soon. Jamar asserted that rappers don’t often think of the domino effect of their bad decisions because they’re taking things day by day. “That’s like being a master chess player [and] you’re looking 30 moves down the road and sh*t like that,” he said. “When you’re the type of person that’s moving off muscle memory, meaning like, if somebody punch you, you automatically punch them back because that’s what you’re used to do, then until you train yourself—you train your muscles differently when you’re put into those situations, you’re gonna sometimes react without even thinking.” Watch the full clip below.