Logic to Drop ‘Bobby Tarantino II’ Mixtape This Week

Logic to Drop ‘Bobby Tarantino II’ Mixtape This Week


Bobby Tarantino is back. Logic is set to release Bobby Tarantino II, the surprise sequel to his 2016 mixtape, this week.

The Maryland rapper announced the project with a “Rick and Morty”-inspired video that mocks the debate between “Mixtape Logic” and “Album Logic.”

Following the animated skit, a new Logic song begins blaring through the speakers, confirming the fact that Bobby Tarantino returns for a second installment on Friday (March 9).

On the as-yet-untitled track, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II brags about his new endeavors and his financial gains. “Not a single person works harder than Bobby,” he raps. “Just wrote a novel, starring in a movie, built another business, while you at the party / Ain’t one to flex, but yeah, I’m finna flex, I just parked the new i8 right next to the Audi / Copped that G-Wagon right there for my shawty.”

Young Sinatra has been teasing Bobby Tarantino II with a string tracks, including “44 More,” “Overnight,” and the Marshmello-produced “Everyday.”

  • Logic to Drop 'Bobby Tarantino II' Mixtape This Week