Lil Yachty Launches Concrete Rekordz with Quality Control Music/HYBE

Lil Yachty Launches Concrete Rekordz with Quality Control Music/HYBE


Lil Yachty has officially launched Concrete Rekordz, a new label joint venture with Quality Control Music/HYBE.

The rapper had been teasing the launch of his own label for a while now. The first release on the label will be from Concrete Boys which is made of Lil Yachty, Karrahbooo and Camo! with a song titled ‘Family Business’ — watch the new video below. It’s the first single from their first compilation album, It’s Us Volume 1, releasing on April 5th.

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The new joint venture will help expand the growth and success of Quality Control Music/HYBE as Lil Yachty will now step into the role of label executive on top of his already successful music career.

According to Quality Control Music COO and co-founder Kevin “Coach K” Lee, “Yachty has always had profound vision since the day we met and to see him take his curatorial magic and expand it to discover and enhance other artists is exciting to me.”

Label CEO and co-founder Pierre “P” Thomas also added, “I’m excited to see Yachty step into the role of executive alongside being one of the most formidable creatives in the world with such an eye for talent. Karrahbooo is a star and they are all going to be the new wave of cool that can bring something different to the culture that is so badly needed.”