Lil Yachty Details How Drake & DaBaby Replaced Lizzo On "Oprah’s Bank Account"

Lil Yachty Details How Drake & DaBaby Replaced Lizzo On "Oprah’s Bank Account"


Lil Yachty gifted us with a new single today, the first off of his forthcoming project, Lil Boat 3. “Oprah’s Bank Account” is an upbeat bop with Drake and DaBaby who also appear in the music video but apparently, the single was originally supposed to feature Lizzo.

Speaking to Complex, Lil Yachty explained that the single is meant for his fans to kick off the campaign for his forthcoming project. “I think the song’s so good and catchy, my fans will appreciate it. That’s the most important thing,” he said. “My album’s done. My album is coming very soon. I haven’t spoken on it yet, but it’s coming. It’s ending the trilogy to my Lil Boat series.”

He continued to reveal that DaBaby and Drake ended up on the song by accident after he never heard back from Lizzo. “I did the song by myself. DaBaby, he had a meet and greet in Atlanta, and I went. I didn’t necessarily know he was going to like this song or want to get on it. I didn’t play it for him and he hadn’t heard it. But I hung out with him for three or four hours there, and I was like, “You want to go to the studio?” He came and I played it, and he loved it,” he said.

“It’s so crazy because I originally wanted to put Lizzo on it,” he continued. “I sent it to her, and I don’t want to say she didn’t like it, because she never got back to me on it, which was cool. I understand people are busy. And then I posted a snippet on my finsta. Drake follows my finsta, which is crazy. And he was like, “Yo, this is dope,” which blew my mind. Of course that’s the homie, but him showing love like that, [was cool]. Then he [told me to] send it through. I didn’t know he was serious, but he got on it.”

As fitting as Lizzo would’ve been on the track, it seems like the addition of Drake and DaBaby will make this song a certified banger as we enter the spring. Keep your eyes peeled for Lil Boat 3