Lil Tjay’s Apology Shot Down By Don Q & Trap Manny

Lil Tjay’s Apology Shot Down By Don Q & Trap Manny


With a new project on the way this week, New York rapper Lil Tjay may have attempted to get some attention the 6ix9ine way, starting beef with a number of other stars in his city. It all started when he flew out Rubi Rose to spend a few nights with him for his birthday, apparently refusing to book her return flight and getting the cops called on him as a result. Then, he called out A Boogie wit da Hoodie and 6ix9ine before saying that he is the proper King of New York

Not even twenty-four hours after the feud kicked off, Lil Tjay ended up getting his hands on a Highbridge chain, claiming that he snagged it from one of A Boogie’s boys. However, the rapper threw away those allegations, claiming that the chain was lost a long time ago.

Lil Tjay realized that the trolling and beefing may not be a ble move for him in the long run, deciding that he wanted to call it quits and quietly bow out but it looks like Trap Manny and Don Q, two of A Boogie’s friends, aren’t letting that happen.

“U GOTTA STAND ON CERTAIN SHIT U SAY,” wrote Don Q on Instagram Stories, responding directly to Lil Tjay’s attempts to squash the beef. “NOT ACCEPTED.”

As for Trap Manny, he was a little more direct in his response, tagging the “F.N” rapper and demanding a public apology.

“WAT HAPPEN TO DAT ENERGY,” he says, walking by all of his and A Boogie’s plaques. “GET YA MONEY N STAY OUT DA WAY. @liltjay LIKE I SAID WE NEED A PUBLIC APOLOGY FUCK U MEAN‼️‼️‼️”