Lil Pump Says He’s Quitting Xanax in 2018

Lil Pump Says He’s Quitting Xanax in 2018


Lil Pump is leaving Xanax behind in 2017. After the success his top 5 hit “Gucci Gang,”, the burgeoning rapper has vowed to stop abusing the prescription drug.

Posting a video himself on New Year’s Day, Pump shared the news. “I don’t take xanz no more,” he wrote. “fuck Xanax 2018.”

Pump has celebrated the controlled substance in the past. He’s referenced the drug in his music, including “Molly,” where he rhymes: “I’m f the Xans, I pour me some lean / I sell your mama some crack, she a fiend.” When he reached one million followers on Instagram, he also rejoiced with a cake shaped like a Xanax pill.

Xanax is typically prescribed to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorders. Sometimes, it is used to treat depression, however, drinking alcohol or using street drugs while taking Xanax “increases the risk that you will experience these serious, life-threatening side effects,” according to the U.S. National Library Medicine.

Last year, Xanax was found on Lil Peep’s tour bus, when he died at the age 21. It was discovered along with marijuana, an unknown powder, and drug paraphernalia, according to reports.

Pump isn’t the only artist denouncing Xanax. Frequent Peep and Pump collaborator Smokepurpp added to this wave with a message his own. “we leaving Xanax in 2017,” he tweeted.

The news was celebrated by others, including Travis Scott, who posted an image Purpp’s tweet and added: “This tweet made me happy !!!”