Lil Mama Knows She Looks Exactly Like Bow Wow

Lil Mama Knows She Looks Exactly Like Bow Wow


Bow Wow and Lil Mama haven’t always gotten along but one thing that they can agree on is that they look ridiculously similar. For years, it has been a running joke that the two entertainers look so much alike that they could very well be twins. While they claim to have no relation, Lil Mama and Bow Wow went along with the gag for such a long time that now, they’re even celebrating the same birthday.

When The Shade Room wished Bow Wow a happy thirty-third birthday today, Lil Mama stepped into the comments section to accept the gratitude on his behalf.

Lil Mama Knows She Looks Exactly Like Bow Wow
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“Appreciate the love Shaderoom,” laughed Lil Mama, continuing the hilarity years after it began. 

Celebrating her own birthday in October, Lil Mama has to wait a little longer to actually get her presents this year but Bow Wow, her lookalike, is opening gifts today. After such a long time, it’s crazy that the gag is still funny.

Bow Wow was recently on an episode of the Rap Radar podcast with Omarion, giving their first-ever joint interview, to discuss the upcoming Millenium Tour, which he will be a part of. Do you think he and Lil Mama look the same?