LeBron James Predicts Jerry West’s Stats In Today’s NBA

LeBron James Predicts Jerry West’s Stats In Today’s NBA


These days, basketball fans can be pretty disrespectful towards the game’s biggest legends. The arguments that are made most of the time is that previous generations didn’t play defense and that the level of competition was fairly suspect. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that NBA fans dismiss the likes of Jerry West, who is literally the silhouette of the NBA logo.

In light of “The Last Dance,” there has been plenty of discourse surrounding some of the NBA’s biggest legends and how they would hold up in today’s NBA. Recently, SLAM Magazine asked whether or not West would be effective in the league, and LeBron immediately took notice. In the tweet below, LeBron gave his prediction as to how many points and assists West would be averaging.

“Straight Bucket Getter. Also could pass the hell out of it too. I mean he could play off the ball(c&s) and on the ball(pull ups), get to the basket and make free-throws. I’d say 24-27PPG/8assist,” LeBron said.

Not everyone agreed with the Lakers superstar although you have to hand it to LeBron for giving some props to one of the game’s biggest pioneers. Even if James inflated the stats, at least he is giving props to a legend.