LeBron James & His Family Are Blossoming Into TikTok Stars

LeBron James & His Family Are Blossoming Into TikTok Stars


NBA basketball has been suspended due to the Coronavirus which means players throughout the league are bored out of their minds and don’t know what to do with themselves. LeBron James is one of those people and it’s easy to understand why. His team was first place in the Western Conference and it was looking like they had a real chance at making it to the NBA Finals. If the league comes back this season, we will certainly see a motivated LeBron who wants to show teams what he is all about. 

In the interim, James has been taking his talents to TikTok. Yes, that’s right, TikTok. I mean, what else is there to do at this point. LeBron has a huge personality and so does his family. They’ve decided that TikTok will be the way to showcase that now that they are spending a lot more time together. In the Instagram clip below, you can see their latest video that went viral. 

Once again, Zhuri has stolen the show here. We imagine she will be a large part of the James family TikTok brand moving forward. Needless to say, boredom has set in and players throughout the league are trying to find a way to curb the no-basketball depression. 

We are looking forward to seeing what LeBron does next on all of his platforms.