LeBron James Has Adorable Interaction With Blue Ivy Carter

LeBron James Has Adorable Interaction With Blue Ivy Carter


It has been discussed ad nauseum today but yesterday, LeBron James helped lead his Los Angeles Lakers to a huge win over the Los Angeles Clippers. This match was huge for the Lakers as they needed to prove that they could actually beat the Clippers with both teams at full strength. The win was massive and now, the Lakers boast a record of 49-13 which puts them comfortably in first place in the Western Conference. 

There were some famous faces on tap for this matchup, including Jay-Z who was in the crowd with his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. After the game, LeBron and Jay-Z exchanged some pleasantries although it was Blue Ivy who stole the show. She seemed incredibly shy in LeBron’s presence although eventually, she worked up the courage to ask him for a signed basketball.

“You want a ball from me?” LeBron asked. “OK, I got you. You got school on Monday? By the time you get out of school on Monday, you’ll have it.”

Blue Ivy seemed very happy about LeBron’s promise as the Lakers star went to greet some other fans who were near the court. It was a very cute moment that we’re sure Blue will remember for a very long time.