LeBron James Gives Dwight Howard & Alex Caruso The King’s Co-Sign

LeBron James Gives Dwight Howard & Alex Caruso The King’s Co-Sign


Heading into this NBA season, there were some doubts around the league whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers had enough depth to go far. As of right now, the team is ranked first in the Western Conference with a record of 41-12. It’s the second-best record in the entire NBA and for now, the Lakers are looking like a team who could go all the way and win the NBA Championship. Last night, the Lakers came through with a huge victory over the Denver Nuggets and their depth was a key factor as to why. 

After the game, Jared Dudley took to Twitter where he praised Dwight Howard and Alex Caruso for providing the team with a much-needed spark in the second quarter. Howard and Caruso combined for 24 points while providing rebounds and defense. LeBron echoed Dudley’s sentiments on Twitter by saying “Facts!! Them boys were amazing!!” 

If you’re a Lakers fan, last night’s win should be very encouraging moving forward. The Lakers have been criticized for their perceived inability to win games against some of the league’s best teams. Last night proved the team can beat anyone, especially when LeBron and Anthony Davis are at their best.

With the win, the Lakers are now on break for All-Star weekend. The next time they’ll be in action is next Friday when they take on the Memphis Grizzlies in Los Angeles.