LeBron James Condemns Gayle King While Praising Lisa Leslie

LeBron James Condemns Gayle King While Praising Lisa Leslie


Social media was up in arms yesterday when a clip from Gayle King’s interview with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie was revealed. In the clip, King can be seen pressing Leslie about Kobe Bryant’s past rape allegations. Leslie appears to be uncomfortable with the questions and continues to tell King that she feels as though it isn’t an issue. Despite Leslie’s answers, King continued to question her about Kobe’s integrity. It was a bizarre interaction that many people took issue with. Since the airing of the clip, King has received a heavy dose of backlash although for now, she is blaming CBS for publishing the snippet without context.

This afternoon, LeBron James took to social media where he praised Leslie for her answers while also condemning King for her line of questioning. “Sorry you had to through that s*%#!!! We are our own worse enemies,” LeBron wrote to Leslie.

LeBron recently delivered a beautiful speech to the Staples Center in the first game back after Kobe’s passing. James is looking to carry on Bryant’s legacy in Los Angeles and it must have been frustrating for him to watch King’s interview. Either way, the Lakers are as motivated as ever to win a title and it will be interesting to see how the Lakers continue to play down the stretch.  

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