LaVar Ball Guarantees LiAngelo Will Outscore Zion Williamson

LaVar Ball Guarantees LiAngelo Will Outscore Zion Williamson


LaVar Ball has been known for his ridiculous sports takes in relation to his three sons. When Lonzo came into the league back in 2017, LaVar claimed Lonzo would be a better point guard than Magic Johnson. Over the years, LaVar has maintained his antics and has made some ridiculous claims about LiAngelo and LaMelo. Recently, LaVar went on FS1’s Undisputed where he engaged in some truly bizarre dialogue.

While speaking to Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, Ball began talking about Zion Williamson and how he thinks the young star will be a leading scorer in the NBA. Of course, there was a caveat to this. In the clip below, LaVar makes the truly insane claim that if and when LiAngelo gets into the league, he will surpass Zion as a scorer.

“Zion can lead this league in scoring regularly till my other son gets there,” Ball said. “When Gelo gets in the NBA, within 3 years, I guarantee you he’s a scoring champ. Guarantee you.”

While LiAngelo could wash anyone in these comments, myself included, it’s common knowledge that he has struggled to get into the NBA. His window is quickly diminishing and if he’s not on a team by next season, his NBA aspirations could be a wrap. With this in mind, LaVar should probably tread lightly with his predictions.