Lakers Fans Erupt After Cryptic Spencer Dinwiddie Tweet

Lakers Fans Erupt After Cryptic Spencer Dinwiddie Tweet


Spencer Dinwiddie is one of those players you would be a fool to underestimate. He has been lights out for the Brooklyn Nets this season and has 20.6 points per game in Kyrie Irving’s absence. If he keeps playing at this pace, there is a solid chance that the Nets end up making it to the playoffs, albeit for a short amount of time.

Tonight, the Nets are in Los Angeles to take on the Western Conference-leading Lakers. Dinwiddie is actually from Los Angeles which led him to take to Twitter and write “I’m coming home.”

Typically, a tweet such as this one wouldn’t exactly create any suspicion. However, Lakers fans failed to realize who their team was playing tonight. This led to a bunch of excited tweets the Dinwiddie might be leaving the Nets and signing with the Lakers. Of course, the logistics of this are pretty well impossible but we’re talking Lakers fans here. We aren’t talking about beacons of reason.

There were plenty of people in the comments section who tried to calm the Lakers fans down and remind them of the Nets game tonight. Of course, this brought the noise down although the reactions were funny, regardless.

Check out some of the replies, below.