Lady Gaga Tour Poll: Vote for Your Favorite

Lady Gaga Tour Poll: Vote for Your Favorite


Lady Gaga is ready to throw her Little Monsters another ball for Chromatica, her sixth studio album, due April 10, as the Chromatica Ball Tour hits Europe and North America this summer. And her past tours are certainly ones for the books.

Her debut worldwide jaunt, The Fame Ball Tour, in 2009 acted as an Andy Warhol-esque traveling museum exhibit with “pop performance art, multimedia, fashion, technology, video, film,” according to the Universal Music Group archives.

Her second live stint, The Monster Ball Tour from 2009 to 2011, proved to be a hit as well: The first-ever “pop-electro opera,” as the “Stupid Love” artist described it to Rolling Stone at the time, received the 2010 Streets Talkin Touring Awards for Breakthrough Performer and Concert Marketing & Promotion.

Theatrics aside, Gaga’s shows always carry important messages, as her Born This Way Ball from 2012 to 2013 packed politically and socially charged themes of fighting against discrimination and for self-love.

So if you could travel back in time and revisit your favorite Gaga tour, which one would it be? Vote below!