KriSean Woods Releases New Single And Video

KriSean Woods Releases New Single And Video


The soothing voice of KriSean Woods is showcased in his new smash hit single, ‘Rendezvous.’ This contemporary urban track features captivating lyrics with laid-back, fusion RnB and hip-hop beats. Celebrating the timeless art of romance and seduction, the song is as compelling as edgy and fresh. The video by Kensly Fresh eloquently captures the essence of the ballad with crisp visuals and high-end imagery. So sit back, relax, and take a look and listen at ‘Rendezvous,’ a timeless jam that will put you and your significant other in the mood.

This innovative single has a bouncing beat that will keep you on your toes. Let the rhythms and enticing voice of KriSean soothe your soul as you get ready for the weekend. While this is undoubtedly an RnB and slow romantic ballad, there is something angelic about KriSean’s voice. His unique delivery is getting noticed by countless fans across social media platforms. In addition, the video has great dance moves that complement the song in every verse. Expect even bigger things from KriSean in the months ahead as his talent is unparalleled across the board.

‘Rendezvous’ will illuminate the mind, body, and spirit if you love old-school RnB songs with contemporary vibes. KriSean has electrified the music industry with this cutting-edge lyrics and unsurpassed charm. This is one jam that you will love to play while chilling at home or taking a long drive with friends. The single and video are perfectly crafted and continue to receive stellar reviews from new and existing listeners. I have this track on a continuous play as it’s just so incredibly smooth and perfect for any social gathering or occasion.

This enchanted song is evergreen and relates to people in love at any age. Romance will always attract, and whether looking for fun or the love of your life, this beautiful track by KriSean will make waves every time it plays in your car stereo or wireless player. Check out the song by clicking on the link below and follow KriSean Woods to learn more about his musical journey and upcoming releases.