Koreyography Releases “Fake Superman”

Koreyography Releases “Fake Superman”


Listen now: https://snd.click/FSM

Koreyography’s “Fake Superman” featuring Tyra Juliette starts out slow, with a steady purposeful beat. Within seconds, more percussions and then the keyboard joins in. The vocalist begins, “You say you want me; you say you want me… You say you need me…You say you love me…but it’s too late for a fake superman.” Coming to us from Tallahassee, Florida, Koreyography is using symbolism in both the song’s lyrics and in the visuals, the still image of “Fake Superman” that substitutes for a video. The Superman icon is supposed to make us think about our contribution to society.

The vocalist is asking us to be the best we can be, be like a superman. She’s asking us to take it higher. In the very beginning the drumbeats represent the clock ticking. Any dancer in their eagerness to move might miss the subtleness of this lead, but the thinking man hears time passing with each tick tock of the clock’s hands. Each day we live is time passing. This can be a heavy song for those who want to bear the weightiness of its obscure but lofty message.

R & B music reviews couldn’t be more challenging than reviewing “Fake Superman”. This song is almost an enigma. It’s other worldly, but grounded. It’s absolutely the thinking man’s song because it starts out giving you time to contemplate, what’s that sound I hear? It’s the soft ticking of a clock. How does that pose as music? Keep listening. This four minute and 48 second song takes you on a trip. If you go for the ride, you’ll come back a thinker.