Kodak Black Gives Prison Update

Kodak Black Gives Prison Update


Florida native Kodak Black, real name Bill K. Kapri, will be serving the next two-and-a-half years in prison on gun charges after falsifying information on a firearm application. The rapper reportedly fibbed on his papers, writing that he did not have a criminal record. After a quick verification check, he was found to be stretching the truth before being arrested and sentenced in the crime. In recent weeks, Kodak Black has been very vocal about the mistreatment he’s faced in prison, being denied visits from his family on holidays, not being allowed to have meals on certain days, and more. Black feels as though he will die in prison, and it’s for that exact reason that he’s appealing his sentence. At the end of last month, the artist was transferred to a Kentucky penitentiary where he is expected to serve the remainder of his sentence. Despite the hard times, he’s keeping his head up — or at least he’s saying so in his latest message from behind bars.

Kodak Black Gives Prison Update
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

This morning, Kodak Black told his fans that he’s trying to remain in good spirits as he fights for his freedom. However, he also detailed anew his tremendously negative living conditions while in prison. “Ion Really See The Purpose Of Keepin A N***a Locked In A Bathroom, Like A N***a Got The Cooties Or Sumn,” tweeted Black. “Help Me Understand.”

He then went on to share some motivation that’s getting him through the day. “I’m Finna Get Off This Shit,” said the rapper. “The Way They Handling A Real One Is Real Sad, Nevertheless Unforgettable! But I Can Never Hold My Head Down, Ima Keep Rolling Like A Dam Fire Drill.”

Pray for Kodak Black as he continues to work towards his release.