Kobe Bryant Comments On The WNBA’s Historic New CBA

Kobe Bryant Comments On The WNBA’s Historic New CBA


Women’s basketball continues to grow all around the world and athletes are starting to get recognized for their work. Female sports leagues around the world are starting to sprout up and gain in popularity. The WNBA is one of the leagues that has enjoyed some success over the last decade and over this past year, they have been negotiating a brand new collective bargaining agreement for its players. 

Yesterday, we reported that the WNBA’s new CBA will include average salaries of $130,000 with max salaries of $500,000. These are the highest totals in league history and demonstrates a huge sign of growth for the league. NBA legend Kobe Bryant has been a huge proponent of women’s basketball and recently spoke to reporter Delmy Barillas about the WNBA’s recent announcement.

“I was really proud of Cathy (Engelbert) and the deal she was able to strike with the players association,” Kobe said. “There’s still so much room to grow but this a huge step in the right direction.”

With higher salaries in place, players won’t have to worry as much about playing in multiple leagues to make a living. They will also have better traveling accommodations and marketing opportunities which will only help the league grow more.