Knicks Issue Statement After Steve Stoute’s "First Take" Appearance

Knicks Issue Statement After Steve Stoute’s "First Take" Appearance


Steve Stoute was recently hired by the New York Knicks to help rebrand the franchise and make themselves cool again. Of course, Stoute is known for being a music executive although as someone who has been in New York and understands the culture, Stoute has the credentials to bring some new initiatives to the team. Considering it’s the Knicks we’re talking about here, Stoute’s job isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it’s gotten off to a pretty rocky start thanks to his recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take.

Throughout the interview, Stoute compared himself to Drake while also talking about how the Knicks are planning on getting a new coach. The head coach comments came as a bit of shock to people and in the aftermath of it all, the Knicks released a statement basically saying, Stoute doesn’t represent the front office.

“While Steve Stoute is a valued contributor to the Knicks’ marketing and branding efforts, he does not speak on behalf of New York Knicks personnel and basketball operations,” the statement says. “Any decisions regarding the operations of the team will be made by the new President of the New York Knicks.”

With this latest PR disaster in mind, it’s clear that when it comes to the Knicks, some things just never change.