Klay Thompson Sends Message To Warriors Fans Amid Horrific Year

Klay Thompson Sends Message To Warriors Fans Amid Horrific Year


Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors have been a match made in heaven over the last few years. Thompson, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and even Kevin Durant helped propel the franchise to three NBA titles in the span of five seasons. This season has been a rough reminder of just how important it is to have your star players in the lineup. Thompson has been out all season with an ACL injury while Curry is gone with a broken hand. In their absence, the Warriors have been awful and boast the worst record in the entire NBA.

Despite this, some fans are remaining optimistic that the team can get back to its winning ways once their stars are healthy. Thompson seems to believe this is the case as he recently took to social media to address Warriors fans. In the clip below, Thompson tells the Warriors faithful that the “dynasty ain’t over.”

It remains to be seen whether or not the Warriors can relive the magic of the previous five years although all indications say they can. With Curry and Thompson back on the court, they will have enough offense to win games. Not to mention, they’ll most likely end up with a lottery pick which can only help to improve the team moving forward. 

If you’re a Warriors fan, there is no point freaking out just yet.