Kim Kardashian Debuts Two Scintillating, Scantily-Clad Photoshoots

Kim Kardashian Debuts Two Scintillating, Scantily-Clad Photoshoots


Kim Kardashian may have dug into the photoshoot archives for her latest IG share, since everything is really at a standstill when it comes to the usual celebrity life– meaning, there are no real-life interviews happening, no events to attend, no club parties to host. Celebrities are looking to other forms of exposure to ensure they remain embedded in the pop culture dialogue, although, that probably won’t ever be real concern for a Kardashian family member since these days, they are more or less synonymous with pop culture.

Nonetheless, Kim Kardashian unveiled two drastically different looks in back-to-back photoshoot shares on her Instagram, resulting in a slew of stunned and enamored comments. 

Last year, the reality TV star revealed that she was dressing less sexier than usual due to her husband, Kanye West. She told New York Times magazine at the time that it makes her husband uncomfortable when she bares it all. While she’s definitely been showing less skin than usual, these photos do give fans a glimpse at some of her skin– including her infamous backside– yet for all intents and purposes, these photos are still rather tame for any Kardashian family member.

In one pairing of photos, Kim channels her inner Slime, debuting a snake-skin look from head to toe. In the second photo shoot look, Kim is seen in a high-cut bathing suit, rocking braids as the sun sets behind her.

Take look at the new looks below and let us know what you think.