Kiana’s new single, “Just Friends” released

Kiana’s new single, “Just Friends” released


Canadian R&B-inspired guitarist and singer-songwriter, Kiana is releasing her new single “Just Friends” (featuring Mikey Bloom) on November 12, 2021. The single “Just Friends” is coming out just ahead of her “Phases” concept album (expected to be released on November 26th).

Kiana is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter and musician hailing from Toronto, Canada. With a contemporary R&B/pop style, she combines jazz and rock feel on the guitar with soft sweet-sounding vocals. She also writes, arranges and produces all her own music as well as working in collaboration with Trust Chen Pow at Pow Productions.

Kiana is also a professionally trained guitarist and recently completed her Jazz Bachelor’s degree in guitar. As well as guitar, Kiana also plays piano, bass, ukulele, drums as well as being a talented singer with an impressive vocal range. She describes herself as someone who plays jazz but makes it sound like pop.

The debut single “Just Friends” will kick off the album with a chill but powerful bang. The beat is inspired by R&B but it can be favorably compared to the work of multi-instrumentalist Yvette Young and Melanie Faye. “Just Friends” is Kiana’s personal favorite on the “Phases” album. She says she came up with this song with a simple melody that was in her head late one night.

She picked up guitar and the song just kind of wrote itself. Instrumentally, it’s far less complicated from some of her earlier work but the lyrics mean a lot. The song is about two people yearning to be more than just friends where they both want a romantic relationship but are too scared to tell the other person how they really feel.

“Just Friends” and her upcoming new album “Phases” will be a combination of songs telling the story of the internal journey people experience during different stages of a romantic relationship and how feelings intensify and develop over time.

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