Khabib’s Manager Calls McGregor A "Scumbag," Says Rematch Unlikely

Khabib’s Manager Calls McGregor A "Scumbag," Says Rematch Unlikely


Despite Conor McGregor‘s hopes, a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov seems unlikely, according to ESPN.

Khabib's Manager Calls McGregor A "Scumbag," Says Rematch UnlikelyHarry How / Getty Images

Ali Abdelaziz, Khabib’s manager, told ESPN during UFC 247 that the fighter has no interest in a rematch with McGregor: “The only chance this fight could happen is in the street,” Abdelaziz said Saturday at UFC 247 at Toyota Center. “[McGregor would] have to do something spectacular. He’s shit, you understand?

“Conor McGregor is one of the biggest stars because he’s one of the biggest scumbags.”

During the build-up and follow-up to UFC 229, McGregor attacked Khabib’s Islamic faith, his culture, and his family. McGregor was also arrested for throwing a dolly at Khabib through a bus window in April 2018.

“Let’s be real,” Abdelaziz said. “We don’t like this guy. We’re never gonna like him. Probably every time we see him, there’s gonna be problems. He said things about family, things about religion, things about race. He crossed the line. … You can’t cross the line with [Nurmagomedov].”

McGregor is fresh off a victory against Donald Cerrone, where he won with a 40-second TKO.

Dana White and the UFC hope Khabib will be up for a rematch with McGregor following UFC 249, where Khabib will fight Tony Ferguson. White describes the potential fight to ESPN as a “legendary mega-fight,” which he compares to Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.