Keyshia Cole Can’t Get Mary J. Blige To Agree To A Collaboration

Keyshia Cole Can’t Get Mary J. Blige To Agree To A Collaboration


There have been quite a few hitmakers that Keyshia Cole has collaborated with throughout her career. The Bay Area singer has charted with songs like “Let It Go” with Missy Elliott and Lil Kim, “Last Night” with Diddy, “Trust” with Monica, and “Shoulda Let You Go” with Amina. While there are plenty of other artists that Keyshia Cole would love to work with, the singer spoke openly about her desire to connect in the studio with Mary J. Blige. While chatting with Hollywood Unlocked, Keyshia revealed that she just can’t seem to get a solid answer out of the R&B legend.

Keyshia Cole Can't Get Mary J. Blige To Agree To A Collaboration
Monica Schipper / Stringer / Getty Images

Keyshia was on Instagram Live when a fan asked her if there was anyone that she would like to interview on her show. After she named Mary J. Blige, Keyshia delivered a couple of memories of Mary, including her failed attempts at getting the “No More Drama” singer in the booth.

“I ain’t gonna lie. I was so happy Mary even let me open up for her at a show that she had in Miami,” Keyshia Cole said. “I’ve been asking Mary for years and years to do a record because the fans want to hear it and it would have been amazing to do something like that at the height of my career and at the height of her career. That would have been super amazing, I felt like.”

According to Keyshia, it’s been a few years since she spoke with Mary J. and tossed around the idea of collaborating one day. “I asked her this last time and she said, ‘I don’t—I don’t know.’ And I was just like, ’Hm?’” Mary didn’t give Keyshia the green light, but she didn’t necessarily reject her, either. However, there’s been no progress.

“She said, ‘Don’t you prefer me to be honest with you about it?’ I said, ‘That’s true.’ ‘Cause at least she didn’t lead me on and tell me, ‘Probably.’ Even though ‘probably’ is better than no,” she reportedly said with a laugh. Would you want to hear these two on a track together?