Kevin Porter Jr. Gives Media And Fake Fans A Stern Talking To

Kevin Porter Jr. Gives Media And Fake Fans A Stern Talking To


Kevin Porter Jr. has been making an impact with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season and while the team hasn’t been very successful, it’s clear the team is excited about their young player. Last night, Porter Jr. was set to be a starter although it appears as though he came to the court without his jersey, which led to a quick dash back to the locker room. Later in the game, Porter Jr suffered a head injury and had to miss some time.

Throughout the game, many outlets posted about Porter Jr.’s jersey blunder, without mentioning his injury and how severe it was. Porter was upset about the ordeal as he took to Twitter today where he put the media and disloyal fans on blast. Clearly, Porter Jr. has had enough of the antics.

“Thank you to media for posting this & disregarding my head injury. Thank you for the disloyal fans/supporters, thank you for the none prayers,” Porter Jr. said. “I love the hate that’s what keeps me going, sorry for who lost money in fantasy, didn’t plan on getting hit in the head.”

This season has been frustrating for Porter Jr. and company so it’s easy to see why he was upset about the coverage. Hopefully, Porter Jr.’s relationship with fans and the media can be repaired, sooner than later.