Kevin Hart Talks WWE, Hooters & More With The Bella Twins: Watch

Kevin Hart Talks WWE, Hooters & More With The Bella Twins: Watch


WWE legends Nikki and Brie, aka The Bella Twins, recently hopped into the cold tubs for Kevin Hart’s Youtube series “Cold As Balls.” In fact, they took over the two ice baths in the studio, leaving the comedian to set up shop in a pint-sized tub.

During the episode, Hart spoke with Nikki and Brie about a range of topics, including their journeys to the WWE, which began at Hooters and ultimately led to a main event match against “The Baddest Woman On The Planet,” Ronda Rousey. The trio also discussed their relationships with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, wrestling nicknames, what Hart’s theme song would be, and the twins’ rise to super stardom in the world of professional wrestling. 

Check out the full episode in the video embedded below.

The Bella Twins further expanded upon how they got hooked on WWE during a recent interview with, as they revealed how the Hooters they worked at for a few years would always air the WWE pay-per-view events.

Says Brie (H/T 

“We were soccer players and played competitively, traveling around the United States. After graduating high school, we went to California for college. We were working at Hooters to make money, and they’d play pay-per-view WWE matches.”

“It was fascinating seeing these women wrestle. See, Nicole and I were athletes, but we also loved to lip-synch to the Spice Girls. When our parents would have parties, Nicole and I would perform for the entire party. Watching wrestling, I realized it was a mix of athleticism and entertainment. I found out the Diva Search was going on and started getting more into it. It was everything we loved to do. So I persuaded Nicole to try out. We actually didn’t make it—they weren’t looking for twins. But through that, we were offered the chance to go through a training program, and we fell in love with it there.”