Kevin Hart Put On Blast For Belittling Trainer During Fight In New Documentary Series

Kevin Hart Put On Blast For Belittling Trainer During Fight In New Documentary Series


Kevin Hart’s new documentary series, Don’t F*ck This Up, was released on Netflix last week, and the comedian covers a lot of ground. In the series, Kevin takes the time to address many of his past controversies, including his homophobic tweets and cheating scandal. He revealed that he set out to make the docuseries in an effort to be “as real, as raw, as transparent” as he could be. However, it looks like he’s caused another controversy in his attempt to smooth over his past controversies. In an alarming scene in the documentary, Kevin and his trainer, Ron Everline, get into a heated argument about money.

The clip begins with Kevin asking Ron, “Do you think you’re wealthy?” Ron points out, “I had money before you and I’ll have money after you,” a sentiment he reiterates later in the argument. “If everything stopped, then, you’d survive?” Kevin asks him, referring to Ron’s current position as Kevin’s employee. Ron insists he would be fine, to which Kevin yells, “You’re a liar!” Kevin then relentlessly repeats the question “Do you have a home?” which Ron refuses to answer, instead expressing his outrage at Kevin’s insulting insinuations. Ron calls Kevin “dumb” multiple times as he dodges the question, which leads to the two of them engaging in a physical altercation.

The scene did not sit well with many folks on the Internet. The user who shared the clip wrote, “I don’t care where you come from or what anyone has done for you, absolutely no-one has a right to speak to you like this.” Another user tweeted, “this documentary made me lose so much respect for Kevin Hart. He is genuinely an asshole. I don’t care if you drunk or not, you do not have to talk to someone like that. ‘Without me, would you have a house?!’ Like wtf? He lucky his trainer didn’t beat tf outta him.”

Another user used the situation to point out the other issues they have with Kevin, making him “a sack of sh*t.” However, others came to Kevin’s defense, like the user who cited that he and Ron made up afterwards after Kevin apologized.

Do you think Kevin was out of line?