Kevin Gates’ Wife Dreka Films Breast Implant Removal

Kevin Gates’ Wife Dreka Films Breast Implant Removal


Kevin Gates‘s wife Dreka Gates is making a big change in her life, choosing to have her breast implants removed and filming the entire process for her social media fans. Forming one of the world’s favorite hip-hop power couples, Kevin and Dreka Gates recently showed off their love in the videos for “Fatal Attraction” and “Dreka.” They serve as many’s “relationship goals” as each side of the couple is wildly supportive of the other. Dreka Gates made a major decision to change her life, consulting with a plastic surgeon to have her breast implants removed after learning they were affecting her overall health. In an effort to raise awareness on the negative side effects that they could bring, she opted to film the procedure and upload it to Instagram. 

Kevin Gates' Wife Dreka Films Breast Implant Removal
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“I got implants in February 2017 after losing 15 pounds. I lost a lot of volume in my breasts and only wanted the volume back so I chose to get implants,” said Dreka, giving everybody some of her back-story. “A few years passed, and I found out that all of a sudden I had high estrogen levels, I cut my hair off twice because it was thinning out a lot, and my skin was just having breakout after breakout. I eat SUPER CLEAN, workout, & after picking myself apart it was brought to my attention by a good friend that it was my implants. I basically had balls of toxic in my chest. Foreign objects in my chest. So I removed them.”

Dreka Gates was awake during the procedure, getting local numbing products and laughing gas to make the implant removal comfortable on her end. The entire process was filmed with explanations being given by her doctor throughout. Watch below.