Kevin Durant Helps Reassure Fan Going Through Achilles Surgery

Kevin Durant Helps Reassure Fan Going Through Achilles Surgery


Kevin Durant suffered the worst injury of his career during the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. Of course, we’re talking about the time he injured his Achilles. Since the injury, Durant has yet to get back onto an NBA court. He has been rehabbing and playing 3-on-3 with his Brooklyn Nets teammates. As a professional athlete who has been through injuries, Durant knows what it’s like to go through surgery and to be anxious prior to the process.

Recently, a radio host in Denver took to Twitter where he reached out to Kevin Durant about his own Achilles reconstruction surgery. The host was feeling squeamish about the pain he might feel and was wondering if KD had some insight. Surprisingly, KD replied to the man and even gave him some much-need reassurance.

The interaction was pretty wholesome which is definitely a departure for Durant on Twitter. Typically, KD resorts to defending himself against haters and detractors. This time around, KD actually had some poignant advice for a fellow man in need and we can’t help but give some props here.

As for Durant, his Achilles injury seems to be healing nicely and now, there is talk that he could play at the Olympics this summer.