Kevin Durant Engages In War Of Words With Fans Over Nets Relevancy

Kevin Durant Engages In War Of Words With Fans Over Nets Relevancy


Kevin Durant is a player who has always been big on defending the honor of both he and his teammates. This season, Durant is playing for the Brooklyn Nets although he hasn’t been able to suit up because of an injury to his Achilles tendon. KD is slated to return next season and the Nets seem to be struggling in his absence. Kyrie Irving is also injured which has ultimately placed a huge burden on some of the team’s role players.

The Nets currently have a record of 16-20 and are on a seven-game losing streak. The streak hasn’t been well-publicized and recently, a reporter pointed that out on Twitter. In fact, the reporter implied the Nets aren’t very relevant in New York. This led to a direct response from KD himself.

Fans immediately began replying to KD and were a little disrespectful in the process. The fans told Durant that no one cares about the Nets and that he should have gone to the Knicks instead. Durant replied to every single person and made sure to give them a piece of his mind. KD has never been shy to voice his opinion and this was yet another example of that. In the past, Durant would have replied with a burner account but over the past couple of years, KD has switched up his tactics.

Check out some of the interactions, below.