Kevin Durant Admits He Still Uses Burner Account To Get At Trolls

Kevin Durant Admits He Still Uses Burner Account To Get At Trolls


Kevin Durant is one of the few superstar athletes that is constantly engaging with trolls on social media, whether they’re downplaying the titles he won in Golden State, or taking a shot at his decision to sign with the Brooklyn Nets instead of the New York Knicks. Ever since he got caught using a burner account on twitter, KD hasn’t been shy about clapping back from his verified @KDTrey5 handle – but that doesn’t mean he has completely abandoned his alias.

During a recent conversation with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their “All The Smoke” Podcast, Durant revealed that he still keeps his burner account active just in case.

Says Durant, “I’m still going to do the burner thing. I’m still gonna do that.” He adds, “Certainly people I’m gonna come back on my regular account, but if I’m trying to do my thing, you know what I mean, I got the burner. I just slipped up that one time.”

In addition to the discussion about twitter trolls and burner accounts, Durant also spoke with the fellas about his relationships with Russell Westbrook and Draymond Green, his decision to join Golden State all those years ago, and how he feels he cemented himself as a legend in the Bay Area

Check out some more highlights from the episode below and click here to listen to the full podcast.