Kendrick Perkins Takes Back Lonzo Ball Slander After "Bust" Claims

Kendrick Perkins Takes Back Lonzo Ball Slander After "Bust" Claims


Kendrick Perkins has been known to be quite harsh on some of today’s young stars. As a former player, Perkins knows what it takes to be successful in the NBA. Even if he didn’t have the greatest career, Perkins played with his fair share of superstars and knows exactly what those guys did in order to be the best. This knowledge has given him quite a bit of credibility when it comes to criticizing current players. In the past, his Lonzo Ball comments have gained quite a bit of traction as he described the former second overall pick as a “bust.”

Lonzo has been playing quite well as of late and Perkins has taken notice. Recently, the NBA analyst took to Twitter where he apologized to Lonzo and walked back all of the slander he’s dished out in the past.

“One thing about me is that I’m not scared to admit when I’m wrong and my apologies to Lonzo Ball because I made it my duty to watch this Jazz at Pelicans game tonight and I’ve been watching him very closely and he is a special talent for damn show and he’s balling,” Perkins wrote.

It remains to be seen whether or not Lonzo can sustain this success although it would be dope to see him do so. The league is more exciting when young stars are showcasing their talents and Lonzo has a real opportunity to lead that charge.