Kendrick Perkins Clarifies His Viral Kevin Durant Comments: Watch

Kendrick Perkins Clarifies His Viral Kevin Durant Comments: Watch


Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins had the whole NBA world talking last night as they got into a spat on Twitter. It all started when Perkins said Russell Westbrook was the greatest player in the history of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Of course, this upset Durant who went after Perkins on Twitter. The ensuing back and forth was heavily publicized and both men came away from it having gained next to nothing.

Today, Perkins was on’s Scal and Pals, where he clarified his comments and explained how he felt about the whole situation. As he explains, he never meant to throw shade at KD and that his original comments were supposed to uplift Russ.

“Clearly, I’m not saying that Russell Westbrook is a better player than Kevin Durant. I’m saying that when you talk about the Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook is Mr. Thunder,” Perkins said. “I don’t have a filter. So what I do, is I strike back. Boy, stop playing with me. You did the weakest move in NBA history, up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals and then you go join them the following season.”

Perkins was also on The Jump today where he said he wished KD had called him on the phone instead of clapping back on Twitter. For now, it appears as though these two men still have a lot to talk about.