Kendrick Lamar, pgLang & Free Lunch Donate $200k to L.A. Charities and Community Initiatives

Kendrick Lamar, pgLang & Free Lunch Donate $200k to L.A. Charities and Community Initiatives


Kendrick Lamar’s The Pop Out concert was not only a great reunion moment for the west coast, it has also led to some great initiatives on the giving back to the community-front.

Kendrick, along with pgLang and Free Lunch have donated $200,000 to nearly two dozen charities and community initiatives in Los Angeles; including the Boys & Girls Clubs, The Hidden Genius Project, Alma Backyard Farms, and many more.

“We haven’t seen this type of Unity on the West since we lost our brother Nipsey Hussle,” owner of Free Lunch, Tim Hinshaw, tells Billboard. “As Dot said on stage, this moment was bigger than a back and forth; it was about supporting each other and showing the world that we could come together for a greater cause. All of these organizations play a pivotal role in the development of our community and the hope is that we all continue to support them moving forward.”

Kendrick’s iconic concert featured names such as Dr. Dre, Tyler, the Creator, Ty Dolla $ign, Steve Lacy, Mustard and more, aside from several leaders of community and gangs.

Amongst the 20 charities and community initiatives is the Compton G.irls Club. “We would like to thank pgLang and Free Lunch for recognizing their roots and supporting g.irls from the hood. It’s refreshing to know that Kendrick always comes back to the community to support the next generation,” said Chrystani Heinrich, founder & executive director of Compton G.irls Club.

“The Pop Out concert had a significant impact on the city, unifying West Coast hip-hop, providing a platform for emerging talent, celebrating Black culture, and revitalizing the local music scene,” says Mustard. “It garnered global attention but also allowed us artists to give back to different programs based around South L.A. and put L.A. back in the driver’s seat for music, something that’s been long overdue.”

Below is a list of all the charities who benefited from the gesture.

  1. Alma Backyard Farms –
  2. Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson –
  3. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor –
  4. Brotherhood Crusade –
  5. Color Compton –
  6. Compton Advocates Coalition –
  7. Compton G.irls Club –
  9. Friends at Mafundi –
  10. It’s Bigger Than Us –
  11. Love + Ethos –
  12. Peace4Kids –
  13. Safe Place for Youth –
  14. Sisters of Watts –
  15. Social Justice Learning Institute –
  16. Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center –
  17. The Hidden Genius Project –
  18. Thinkwatts Foundation –
  19. Tommy The Clown Foundation –
  20. Unearth & Empower Communities –